Using the lost arts of French weaving, inweaving and reknitting, damaged clothing can be returned to its original condition. Any garment can be ruined by even the smallest of holes or tears. Patching or sewing over the damaged area has never been a subtle repair, leaving the garment ruined. Consider the only true repair alternative for your valuable clothing: reweaving.

Reweaving, also known as invisible mending, is an old-world skill of intricate hand weaving, practically becoming extinct as more businesses turn toward today’s technology. At Vittorio’s we partner with an experienced re-weaver with many years of experience to offer this service to our customers.

Please note that if you are bringing a garment for reweaving and suspect moth or other insect damage, you should have it dry cleaned first. More damage may appear in weakened fabric after cleaning. You can have it cleaned before dropping it off or we can handle this for you.

Include extra material if available. If the garment is part of a suit, bring the whole suit in. Extra fabric or fibers for the repair may be available from inside seams or hem lines that are not otherwise visible in your tailored garment.

Since each item is different, we operate on a custom quote system for reweaving. A $50 evaluation fee is due upon drop off, which we’ll credit toward the work to be performed. Variables that impact your cost are the size of the damaged area to be repaired, the material involved and the overall complexity of the work needed.

Generally, this service makes more sense for valued garments. If your item can be easily or inexpensively replaced, you may find that the cost of reweaving may equal or exceed the cost of buying new.

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