Beyond the Tux: Tips to Polish Your Event-Ready Look

You want to look and feel your best for any occasion. When it comes to fancy-dress events, this includes pulling out your best tux, slapping on the gel, and stepping into your fanciest dress shoes, but what can you do to really make the jaws drop? Here are some tips on polishing your event-ready look to perfection.

Get A Haircut

One of the biggest things you should consider is getting your haircut and styled by a professional. A fresh haircut can take your look to the next level and really give you that clean, well taken care of look all men want to have. Make an appointment with a salon about a week before your event to really have a perfect look when you step out that night or feel free to cut your own hair at home if that’s what you prefer. Make sure you go with a cut that you know accentuates your features. This isn’t the time to play with a new look that may backfire on you.

Clean Up Your Teeth

Having a gorgeous smile is not only great for your confidence, but it can also improve the impression you leave on people. As Crimson Ridge Dentistry point outs, you are at your best when you feel relaxed and confident in the condition of your teeth. If this isn’t you, get your fixed before you head out. You will need to plan out your visit to the dentist in advance so that any treatments have time to work and look natural by the time your event rolls around. Whitening your teeth or clearing up any problems with your teeth will help you feel great about yourself.


Of course, the tuxedo is important. “The clothes make the man,” they say, but what about the little things to really make your outfit pop? Try adding some nice cufflinks or a special belt to increase the quality of your look. Or if you really want to make a statement, pull out some of your best jewelry. An elegant ring can draw the right kind of attention when you’re shaking hands with those other party-goers. If the dress code allows for it, you can also add a fun pop of color with a colored bowtie.

Wear the Right Shoes

The shoes are a very important, and often missed, part of any outfit. Nothing is worse than spending a lot of time getting everything perfect and forgetting to get rid of the scuffs on your dress shoes or having the wrong color. Try to get your shoes polished by a professional shoe shine service before the occasion or polish them yourself to make sure they’re in tip-top shape. If they seem to be too far gone for a good polishing to get them in order, consider picking up some new ones to complete your look and leave you looking well dressed and ready for the night.

Try these options for your big event to be the best dressed and most polished man for the occasion. You will feel confident and look like a million bucks, which always makes whatever you are doing more fun.

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