How to Make an Outdoor Winter Wedding Wardrobe Work

Winter is a wonderful time of year to get married. The colder temperatures and shorter days offer you the opportunity to make your ceremony and reception truly unique. One of the best ways to do this is by winterizing yours and the wedding party’s wardrobe. It’s fun, affordable, and looks terrific in pictures and in person. Here are some great options to make your wedding wardrobe look amazing.

Seasonal Colors

Winter allows you to escape the traditional pastels of a spring or summer wedding. Don’t be afraid to go with darker, richer colors for your bridesmaids’ dresses. Navy blues, deep purples, and scarlet hues add a touch of drama that plays well with the early sunsets at this time of the year. Consider an ivory dress and veil rather than a stark white, and use black tuxedos to compliment the girls’ attire. Jewel tone gems can be worn as the perfect accent to these rich, vibrant colors.


Bundle Up

Winter means colder temperatures. What better way to compliment this than with heavier clothing? This is especially dramatic when the ceremony or reception is held in a venue with plenty of windows that may look out on the snow-covered grounds. Skip a traditional veil for a fur hat. They can be found at a reasonable price from sites like Trade the typical bridesmaids’ bouquets for muffs, and have the men wear dressy gloves to coordinate with the wintery theme. When bundling up, dress in floor length gowns with long sleeves for a more cohesive appearance among the girls.


Add Some Ice

Nothing shouts winter more than ice. Add the feel of ice to your wedding wardrobe with bridesmaids’ attire and flowers created in lighter shades of blue while the bride’s dress can be made out of a crisp, white with plenty of sequins and beading for additional sparkle. Diamond or crystal jewelry will further enhance your ice filled look. Consider tiaras or rhinestone and crystal hair combs for the bride as well as bridesmaids. Choose tuxedos in lighter grays, tans, or even whites for a more wintery style to match the women’s wedding day style.


Adding a touch of winter to you and your wedding party’s wardrobe will help create a wintery theme to the entire wedding day. Use any of these tips to create truly unique looks without blowing your entire wedding day budget. You’ll end up with a magical day that no one will soon forget.

Dress “To The Nines”

Welcome back to our blog, To The Nines, here at Vittorio Menswear & Tuxedo. Today, we wanted to go back to our roots a bit and talk about where the saying “to the Nines” even came from. When someone talks about dressing to the nines, they’re referring to dressing to perfection, dressing smartly, or simply wearing your best black tux or formal wear. While the meaning of the phrase seems straightforward, it’s origin is clouded in uncertainty.

While many credit the origin of the phrase to a British military regiment, the 99th Regiment of Foot, because the entire regiment was always well dressed and perhaps 99th could have been shortened to simply nine, this poorly takes into account the timeframe in which the phase was first used. The 99th Regiment of Foot was established in the year 1824. At the time, the phrase “to the nines” was already used in literature and in common speech. In fact, the most commonly cited first use of “to the nines” is from 1719, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Scottish poet William Hamilton utilized the phrase in the following lines:

The bonny Lines therein thou sent me,

How to the nines they did content me.

While this usage doesn’t give us any indication of why “to the nines” would be associated with dressing well and why the number nine has gained significance, it does give some indication of the area in which it originated. Some speculate that nine is significant because many groups of important figures in the Bible, Pagan history, and distinguished individuals in history would be found in groupings of nine, so perhaps “to the nines” had something to do with dress well to honor one of these groups.  

No matter where the phrase “to the nines” came from, you can always look your best when you buy or rent suits and tuxedos from Vittorio Menswear & Tuxedo in Rochester, New York. Stop by today.