TGIF – Scheduling a Friday Wedding

Friday Wedding

Setting the date is one of the first things couples do when planning their wedding.  While you may have some thoughts on the season you want to get married, for most couples the actual date is dependent on availability and scheduling at the ceremony and reception locations.  Rochester loves tradition, but here are a few reasons why you might consider a Friday night ceremony:

Discounts and Availability – Hands down, Saturday is the most popular day of the week to get married.  In fact, the most recent industry statistics that we see show that about two thirds of all weddings happen on a Saturday.  When you’re competing with all those other couples for venues and catering and all the other items that go into planning a traditional wedding, it’s not likely that you’ll get rock bottom pricing or your first choice on dates.

On a Friday night, there are far fewer events planned and you’re more likely to be able to schedule something on the weekend you want and pay less overall than the couple getting married at the same place the next day.  Sometimes it’s just less total cost but it can also be added amenities or upgrades at no additional charge that you wouldn’t have available to you for a Saturday event.  You also may have a better shot at your first choice for a venue or service providers without having to book 18 – 24 months out.

Timing Between Ceremony and Reception – Many churches or other faith communities have Saturday evening services and if you’re planning a Saturday wedding you may need to be out fairly early to accommodate their service schedule.  If you have to be out by 3:30 but your reception doesn’t start until 6:30, you and your guests may have to hang out for a couple of hours in-between.   A Friday evening event allows a much smoother transition from one to the other without the big gap in the middle. A later event also means you don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn to start to get ready on your big day.

Ambiance of an Evening Wedding – Imagine a moon-lit terrace, dancing under the stars or the possibilities that come with having a candle light ceremony for your wedding. Elegant evening gowns for your bridesmaids and perhaps a black tie theme for your gentleman can make for an affair to remember for your guests.  Not to be forgotten in the summer months is the fact that it’s cooler in the evening so your guests are likely to be more comfortable dressed up than in the heat of the afternoon.

Time with Out of Town Guests – For a traditional Saturday afternoon wedding, guests have to rush out Sunday morning to get back home in time for work or school.  A Friday night wedding can allow you some additional time to spend with them before they go.

Downsides – It may be less convenient for out of town guests who may need to take extra vacation time to make it into town in time for a Friday wedding.  On the other hand, they may like the idea of a long weekend and being able to catch up with friends and family.  A Friday night wedding is a bit easier to manage for in-town guests.  Your guest count may end up being a little smaller if many/most of your guests are from out of town though.

Of course, whatever day of the week you get married, we’d be delighted to have our tuxedos or wedding suits be invited to your wedding.  Give us a call or stop in to chat, we’d be happy to share our experiences with you and help you find just the right look.