3 Reasons to Have an “Off-Season” Wedding

Weddings have a definitive peak season, which means there’s also a time when there are fewer people competing for the best dates and vendors. Wedding season generally gears up in the late spring and continues through early fall. Picking a date that does not fall during these popular months offers you considerable advantages. Consider these three reasons to have an off-season wedding before you settle on a date for your nuptials.

Venues Are Cheaper

While not every vendor offers better rates during the off season, you will likely see some deep discounts on many elements of your wedding. You will also have more room for negotiation since many vendors are simply looking to fill spots during the slow season. Event venues are the most likely place that you will see the biggest discounts when comparing a January wedding to a July one.

Less Competition

By avoiding the most popular months to wed, you will also enjoy less competition from other couples. This is especially important if you have your heart set on a particular photographer, band, or another vendor that can only accommodate one wedding each day. Some of the most popular vendors are booked more than a year in advance during the busy summer wedding season. By choosing an off-season date, you have a better chance of securing all of the vendors of your choice. By assembling an all-star lineup of vendors, you can have the wedding that you have already dreamed about.

Honeymoon Destinations Are Less Crowded

When thinking about setting your wedding date, be sure to consider more than just the feasibility of the ceremony and reception for that day. You also need to think about your honeymoon choices when finding the perfect day to start your new life. You will generally see fewer crowds and better prices at most vacation destinations if you are traveling during the off season. For example, honeymoon destinations, especially places with beaches, are less crowded after September. Be sure to do some research about your preferred honeymoon destination and its weather conditions during the winter months if you choose a wedding during this time frame.

Not only will you stretch your wedding dollar further by choosing a date during the off-season, but you will also be afforded a host of additional benefits. You can still have the wedding that you have always wanted even if you do not decide on one of the more popular months to wed.

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