How to Find Inner Peace and Break Free of Stress Before Your Big Day

In this chaotic world, brides may not know how to turn off our chattering minds. They are continually dealing with deadlines, schedules, and never-ending wedding to-do lists. Random pieces of advice may be incredibly unhelpful, since such generic advice could be for things like resolving all issues on one’s lists as soon as possible, succumbing to fate, or answering to a higher self. Those may or may not help, but they’re not always easily applicable or practical. The best way to find inner peace is to meditate, live in the present, and surround oneself with a peaceful atmosphere. That may only be for a few moments each day, whether it’s before, during, or after the wedding, but here are some tips to help you along the way.

Being Present

Most of us have heard the expression, “stop and smell the roses,” but have we ever considered this in its purest sense? This essentially means to be in tune with the moment at hand. It’s great to plan and make goals for the wedding, but this very moment—this second—is all that we have and all that we are experiencing right now. When we realize this, we can understand that we can find happiness and inner peace right where we are. Even though happiness and bliss are waiting at the altar, you can also find it in the days and weeks before saying, “I do.”


Discover instant peace through meditation, which you can achieve through meditation apps downloaded to your phone. Meditation apps can serve as a step by step guide into the realm of meditation, and the road to inner peace. Meditation is a learned skill. It doesn’t have to involve sitting in a weird position, or humming strange patterns, or even closing one’s eyes.

Meditation is becoming aware of the worrying brain and redirecting it to the present. Meditation could begin by allowing two minutes every day, in the morning, to find a quiet area to sit or lay comfortably, and concentrate on breathing, and breathing only at that moment. If the brain tries to think about something stressful and related to wedding planning, which it will, verbally tell the brain that you are busy right now, meditating. Again, it’s a skill to be learned over time, and time meditating can be increased as time goes on.

Create a Different Atmosphere

Creating a relaxing environment in which to meditate in enhances the quest for inner peace. A great stress reliever is creating a peaceful atmosphere with essential oils. Essential oils can be rubbed on the pulse points on the body or even added to humidifier type misters, which send a cloud of scented mist in the air at regular intervals.

Different scents of essential oils promote different kinds of feelings. Since one is trying to feel relaxed, some tranquil scents are orange oils, clove, geranium, and lavender. Citrus oils promote joy, while lavender has a calming effect on the nervous system. Geranium helps reduce stress. Unique blends could be created and customized to one’s stress-reducing needs.


Through meditation, learning how to be present, and finding a way to create a peaceful atmosphere, it’s entirely possible to discover inner peace while reducing stress in a bride’s life, even amidst the chaos found in the details of wedding planning.

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