How Wide is Your Tie?


Tie widths have varied through the years. Super-wide Kipper Ties with wild patterns were a hallmark of the 1970’s while Buddy Holly sported thin models in the 1950’s. The Bolo or western tie is not much more than a braided bit of string or leather with fancy tips and a clasp.

Where we are in 2015, is in the midst of a narrowing tie trend. Wider looks from the early 2000’s are giving way to a narrower profile. Most standard width models arriving from our designers are 3″ in width with slim models clocking in at around 2″.  Take a look at the ties in your closet. If they’re wider than 3″ you might consider an update and re-boot to something a little more slender.

Stop by our store and we’ll show you a variety of contemporary or traditional options to match your wardrobe. Whether you need one tie or several for a wedding party or other group, we’d be delighted to help if we can.

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