The Bow Tie Is Back!

Bow Tie vs. Long Tie for Wedding

Coke or Pepsi

Genesee or Budweiser 

Buffalo Bills or the New England Patriots

Bow Tie or Long Tie

Clearly, life is filled with choices. While your choice of tie style may not make or break your day, it is a question that comes up from time to time.

Fashion, almost by it’s definition, evolves and wide ties and skinny long ties have both had their day in the sun. If you were to go back seven or eight years, it would have been difficult to give away a bow tie.  Around 2010, we started to see a big resurgence in requests for bow ties. Perhaps it was due to some well placed celebrities wearing them at awards shows or maybe someone’s cousin Frank from New York or Chicago wore one at his family’s holiday party swearing that it’s what all his friends were wearing. However it happened, a lot of guys wear them now in less formal situations – with a sport coat or even with denim on #bowtiewednesday.

You can get fairly simple pre-tied versions or go the extra mile with the kind you tie yourself. Solids, patterns, stripes are all available in bow tie versions. Haven’t taken the time to learn how? We can help with that on our handy How to Tie A Bow Tie page. You’ll find a chart, downloadable PDF and video that shows you everything you need to get started. Our advice – it’s easy enough to learn, but don’t wait until ten minutes before you have to be somewhere to start to figure it out.

If you’re in the area, stop by our store and we’ll show you some great options to wear in different settings. If you’re planning a wedding or group event we can order matching ties (and pocket squares if you’d like) for your wedding party. Any way you slice it, we make it easy to start rocking a bow tie for your next event.

For other bow tie inspiration, check out top tier style bow ties through their website.

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