Tips for Giving a Tasteful and Memorable Father-of-the-Bride Speech

When you have a daughter that is getting married, it is a special day for both of you.  After the ceremony, it is highly likely that you will be asked to give a father-of-the-bride speech. As her father, you have unique insight and a unique perspective that you can share. Here are some tips on giving a speech that will be memorable and show how much you care about your daughter and her new marriage.

Recalling Past Memories

You’ll have a vast amount of memories that you can share. Childhood stories are always an excellent way to be sentimental or share a humorous story. If you aren’t naturally funny, you can learn how to use humor in your speech. According to Word Counter, you should use humor to break the monotony, but only when it serves an “organic” and relevant purpose for your topic or message. Try not to detract from the flow and coherence of your speech or from the essence of your message. But obviously, you don’t want to embarrass your daughter too much. This is her special day. Avoid embarrassing stories that have happened recently or in adulthood, and instead, focus on some funnier things she did as a baby or toddler.

The key is to bring up something that is more “cute.” Use memories about your daughter that make you smile. You will probably be able to emphasize traits about your daughter such as integrity, honesty, loyalty or responsibility that you can share.

Speak About Her New Spouse

When your daughter gets married, you’ll have a new member in your family. It’s always lovely to address your daughter’s new partner and let them know how happy they make your daughter. Depending on your relationship with her new spouse, you can talk about when they first met, when her new partner did something that showed their love for your daughter or when you were all together, and a funny incident occurred.

You could even mention a small crisis that they both went through and how her partner handled the situation. This could lead to you showing how much you appreciate having them in your daughter’s life. The primary emphasis should be on how happy your daughter is now that they are sharing a life together.

Instill Some Wisdom

As an older individual, you have probably had many experiences in life that you’ve learned from. According to the Wedding Secret, one way to make your father-of-the-bride speech memorable is by adding a touch of wisdom to your talk. It doesn’t matter if you are happily single, divorced or married. There are probably lessons from good and bad situations that can be shared.

This isn’t the time to quote divorce statistics or attempt for you to utilize overused jokes. It’s best to remind the new couple that life has its ups and downs. Instill wisdom by letting them know that it’s a journey and to use each other’s strengths to balance out their relationship. And always end of a positive, congratulatory note — no matter what. Toast, smile, and embrace your daughter. Weddings are celebrations of love, with everyone dressed to the nines and ready to have fun, so make sure to focus your speech around that more than anything else.

What Not To Do

If your daughter’s wedding will be taking advantage of professional bartender services then you will be tempted to take advantage of the mixed drinks. It’s advised that you don’t do this too early in the reception, as you want to generally be in control of what you will say when the time comes for speech. Afterward, though, you can feel free to take advantage of the open bar all night long. Additionally, you will want to skip any embarrassing stories your daughter wouldn’t want the public hearing, or being overly hostile to your son-in-law, whether in jest or not. Stick to lighthearted and positive themes in your speech.

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