Webster Thomas Prom Rep Takes the Prize!

Top Prom Rep 2013 - Tantillo

Out of 74 active prom reps this season, one took the top spot with the most paid referrals during the season.  Derek Tantillo was a junior at Webster Thomas High School this year and through creativity and hard work earned a discount on his tuxedo rental (a high-end special order tux, in case you were wondering) and an Apple iPad for his efforts.  Here’s a picture of him accepting his prize at our store this past weekend.  We can’t wait to see what his senior year brings!

It’s really through the efforts of prom reps like Derek that we are able to have a successful prom season and although we are only able to give one top prize, we appreciate everyone’s efforts this year.

If you know of a high school student in the Rochester area – please send them our way for next year’s season.  While it’s usually the guys wearing tuxes, the program is open to both boys and girls.  This can be a great opportunity to win some nice prizes, save some money on a tux or suit rental or purchase and more importantly, participate in an activity that develops marketing and business skills that can be valuable later in life.  Many Ambassadors have used this experience to demonstrate initiative to future employers, on applications for college and in other ways that extend far beyond prom season.

Congratulations to Derek and if you want more information on our Ambassador program, it can be found right here: Prom Ambassasor Program

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