Wedding Dress Preservation in Rochester, NY

Why have your wedding dress preserved?  Your gown is an everlasting memory of your wedding day and many brides would like to have the option to have a daughter or niece use that dress in their wedding.  Vittorio Menswear & Tuxedo has partnered with the leading specialty cleaning company in the industry, Wedding Gown Preservation Company to provide this service to our customers.

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Professional preservation involves the following:

Stain Removal – We are able to remove approximately 95% of all stains – including tar, blood, perspiration, grass, mud, grease, and food, being the most common, as well as any sugar stains from cake icing, wine and other beverages.

Cleaning – We have several different processes that are used for cleaning. Each gown is evaluated upon its arrival and the best cleaning process for that particular gown is used. All of our processes are safe, gentle and environmentally safe.

Repairs – Wedding Gown Preservation Company prides itself on having a highly trained staff that can handle most repairs for a nominal fee. Please note on your paperwork if you would like a call with a repair quote.

Archival Storage Chest – Your gown is fitted on an acid-free bust form and packed in an acid-neutral preservation chest. The inner case features a window for viewing your dress and the outer case is a continuous surface to avoid light/uv damage.  Please note shoulder pads and bust pads must be removed as they could cause damage to the gown over time. They will be wrapped in tissue paper and packed underneath your gown.

What about Do it Yourself options?   Occasionally we see DIY kits available, usually through infomercials, that allow you to vacuum seal your dress in plastic.  Yes, they are less expensive.  The downside of these methods is that there is generally some level of moisture or staining present in your dress or veil after your wedding day.  Sealing it in a plastic bag without proper cleaning and preservation methods is almost a guarantee that damage will occur over time.

Depending on the value of your wedding gown and accessories you include, proper preservation will generally run in the $200 – $300 range.  Not inexpensive, but in the context of preserving memories of your wedding day, gown preservation can be a very affordable investment.  Ask us for more details.


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