What to Wear for a Second Wedding

What to Wear for Second Wedding

We see many couples in our store who are looking for some guidance on what to wear for a second wedding.  Clearly, there are many factors that go into decision making around a second ceremony and reception. Choices made in other areas will set the tone for the attire you ultimately select.

Sometimes there is an assumption that a second wedding will just be a big barbeque in the back yard with the couple getting married under the oak tree in shorts and a t-shirt. While that type of event certainly happens, we also see a number of scenarios which call for more formality.

  • Couples that had very large weddings the first time and are looking for a more intimate event the second time — just because it isn’t a four hundred guest affair, doesn’t mean that it’s any less special or elegant. Tuxedos or suits can be a great option here.
  • Couples that may have missed out on the traditional wedding experience because they eloped or had a low-key event at their local courthouse due to work, school or a military deployment.
  • One partner who is getting remarried and a second who will be getting married for the first time.

Each of these scenarios might present slightly different options for the couple planning the wedding.  Regardless of your past experience, you want to be sure you’re both on the same page as to the scope and formality of your ceremony and reception.

As a menswear and tuxedo provider, our tastes tend toward a more formal form of dress but we can certainly help with resort casual, semi-formal and formal options for your wedding.  A few things to think about:

The size of your wedding party – how many bridesmaids and groomsmen do you want to have?

  • Some couples will choose to forgo having a large bridal party and just the bride and/or groom will dress in wedding attire

Do you have children that you would like to involve?

  • Depending on how old your children are you might involve them as a ring bearer or flower girl or perhaps for a reading or other task if there’s a religious ceremony as part of your wedding – children’s tuxedos and suits are available to rent for this type of scenario.
  • If you have adult children, they may be honored to serve in a groomsman or bridesmaid role and would match the rest of your wedding party

Are there parents or other special guests that you would like to have dressed in particular attire?

Level of formality

  • Formal – black tie for gentlemen and long dresses for women
  • Semi-Formal – two or three-piece suits
  • Destination or Beach Theme – resort or club-wear which might include light colored suits with or without ties

Regardless of what you decide, we’d be honored to help you sort through your attire options to find something that works to make your wedding a special and meaningful day for everyone.


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