What to Wear to Any Type of Wedding

With wedding season underway, you may be looking for that just right outfit to wear to your next event. Before you begin piecing together your perfect ensemble, it is important to consider the time of day, venue, season, and formality of the wedding. Here is a simple guide to help you to decide what to wear to any type of wedding:

Outdoor Weddings – Women

An outdoor wedding lends itself to a more casual vibe. This relaxed setting gives you more freedom when choosing what to wear to the celebration. Other than not breaking the cardinal rule of not wearing white, the only major recommendations are to not wear black or sequins to a daylight outdoor wedding. You want your wardrobe to reflect the setting of the ceremony and reception. While a casual jumpsuit may be appropriate for a simple wedding in the park, you will want to dress it up with a nice sundress or sheath if the setting is more formal.

Outdoor Weddings – Men

The wardrobe that a man should pick for an outdoor wedding is dependent on the location. A formal ceremony on the grounds of a resort hotel necessitates a more refined suit while a wedding on a beach allows you to dress more casually. You can discern a lot about the expected dress code by the formality of the invitation. If it is a more formal outdoor wedding, a nice linen suit is appropriate. For a beach wedding, you can get away with khaki pants and a nice collared shirt.

Indoor Weddings – Women

For traditional weddings at a church, longer, more modest dresses are generally recommended. Covering your shoulders is also a commonly expected standard in traditional church weddings. It is also important to avoid overly sexy or revealing clothing. A little black cocktail dress is always appropriate for an indoor wedding, especially if it is held during the evening hours.

Indoor Weddings – Men

Indoor weddings are generally more formal than an outdoor wedding, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to wear a tuxedo. Unless the wedding invite specifies that this is a black tie wedding, your best bet for an indoor wedding is a suit and tie. Just like with women, if the wedding is in the evening, you will be expected to dress more formally than if the ceremony is held during the day.

Every wedding is different, so you want to make sure you know what type of wedding it’s going to be before you decide what you are going to wear. The most important rule to follow is to aim to look stylish without distracting from the happy couple and drawing attention to yourself. Lastly, do not forget to wear your smile!

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