While we would argue that there are other factors you should consider in addition to price, the cost of a tuxedo or suit rental is usually part of the equation. We believe in transparent, package pricing for our rentals with a focus on value to our customers. That means no rush fees or surcharges for big and tall sizes.

Our value packages include everything you’ll need to attend your event – a jacket, pants, shirt, vest/cummerbund, tie, and basic cuff links/studs. For rentals, a rough price range on our typical packages is $150 – $300. The best deals are found the earlier you book.  For group or wedding parties, we also include one free tuxedo rental (in the same category) with five or more paid rentals.

If you’re thinking of purchasing, off the rack options range from $299 – $599.

You should also know that we create package arrangements for non-profit organizations holding galas or black tie events – if this applies to you, we’d love to speak with your event organizer to plan something special for your group.

Most people find it’s helpful to schedule an appointment at our store to review styles, colors and other options – once we have a better idea of what you have in mind, we’d be happy to give you an exact price for the packages that appeal most to you. Call or click for an appointment and we’ll help you with all the details.