3 Things NOT to Do on Your Guys Night Out

Having a guys night out is a perfect opportunity for revelry among male friends. Countless memories can be formed by going out on the town and enjoying each other’s company. However, you need to make sure that fun and responsibility are able to exist in tandem. For a successful guys night out, you need to not do these three things.

Push the Groom Out of His Comfort Zone

If you’re hosting a bachelor party, you want to honor the groom in the right way. Just because you have a certain idea in mind for what’s fun for a bachelor party doesn’t mean your friend-to-be-wedded agrees. Before you plan a bachelor party, find out what the groom wants to do. Even if it’s not your first choice, you can make their night by giving them a great experience. Work with fellow members of the party to determine how to give them a night where they can feel at absolute ease.

Get Wasted

Some drinks can really liven up a party, but when people start getting seriously inebriated, things can go south. Too much alcohol can lead to people feeling sick, getting aggressive, and being unable to perform simple tasks. It’s also important to keep this in mind if you have a designated driver. Any driver with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater is considered to be a drunk driver in most states. Someone who drinks too much could be a threat to others, as getting drunk can put someone in danger. Make sure that everyone knows their limits before going out, or else all your fun could be ruined.


Going out for a night with friends can make it easy to spend more than you’re prepared to. You might also find yourself feeling influenced by friends who are shelling out money for expensive food and drinks. Additionally, you might start using your credit card, racking up a large debt. While it’s understandable that you’d spend a bit more than average on a guy’s night out, you still need to keep yourself in line. Take out a set amount of cash as an allowance, such as $100, and make a promise to yourself that you won’t exceed it. You might also choose to leave your credit and debit cards at home.

Making rules about what you shouldn’t do on your guys night out doesn’t have to feel like you’re reducing your chances of fun. You can enjoy yourself much more when you’re able to ensure that everyone is comfortable and that no bad behavior is going to be tolerated. Get your solid plan set up for your guy’s night out and look forward to having a very positive time.

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