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Venues That You Can Use for a Wedding

Selecting your wedding venue will be one of the first and most important decisions you make in planning for your big day. The right surroundings can help create the theme and mood you wish to set. Many places can be transformed into the wedding of your dreams, whether you choose an unusual site or keep […]

Wedding Prep No One Really Talks About

As you may know, a lot of work goes into a wedding. While your primary focus might be on guest lists, decorations, and invitations, there are other things to consider. Addressing everything that could impact your wedding and marriage can greatly benefit you. Health Concerns While planning your wedding, your health might not be on […]

Tips for Having a Wedding during a Pandemic

Nothing can stop true love, not even a pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean you should just throw caution to the wind when it comes to planning your special day. You undoubtedly have elderly relatives that would like to attend your wedding. You don’t want to endanger them. Nor do you want to end up getting […]

Choosing Your Wedding Ring: How to Make it Personal

Everyone knows what the classic wedding ring looks like. And while classic isn’t necessarily a bad thing, do you really just want a basic, cookie cutter ring to stay with you for the rest of your marriage? Probably not. Here are several things you can do to help give your wedding ring a little personality. […]

4 Stylish Tricks to Impress Your Prom Date

Attending prom is a rite of passage for most teenagers. You will never forget this special night in your life that signifies the culmination of your high school experience. Here are four tricks that you can use to impress your prom date. Plan a Promposal It is becoming more common to plan a special “promposal” […]

3 Reasons to Have an “Off-Season” Wedding

Weddings have a definitive peak season, which means there’s also a time when there are fewer people competing for the best dates and vendors. Wedding season generally gears up in the late spring and continues through early fall. Picking a date that does not fall during these popular months offers you considerable advantages. Consider these […]

4 Tips for Budgeting for a Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most momentous occasions of your life. Here are tips that will make sure you are prepared to make it a very special event without breaking the bank. Rounding Up The love of your life has said yes to your proposal, and the date has been set. So now […]