A Teenage Boy’s Guide to Cologne for Prom

Finding a quality cologne for a young man can be a challenge. Many body sprays tend to come on far too strong to allow for the more subtler scents of a good men’s cologne to shine through. To avoid an overpowering dose of cologne, the suggestions below can help you make the best choice.

Don’t Wear What Everyone Else Is Wearing

Not everyone’s body chemistry is the same, and what smells great on your best friend may not work for you. For example, people with dry skin may need more cologne, while people with oily skin actually serve as a better receptor for cologne, so a little will go a long way. According to Byrdie, your skin pH balance may also play a role in how a scent smells on you. Be ready to try a few different scents before you decide because more is not always better.


Sandalwood has long been an ingredient of both perfumes and incense for religious ceremonies in India. While Mysore is said to be the best sandalwood for perfumes, it’s becoming hard to find because this tree species is endangered. Part of the challenge of harvesting the wood to produce the essential oil used in perfumes is that the woody smell of sandalwood is only found in the heart of the tree and they’re harvested by uprooting, not cutting. According to Parfumerie Nasreen, sandalwood is used in perfumes for a variety of reasons. The scents are long-lasting with a distinct woody odor that blends very well with other scents. It serves as a wonderful background scent for more exotic aromas such as frankincense.

How to Choose Your Best Scent

If possible, go cologne shopping with a woman who knows you and who you can trust. Be aware that cologne needs time to react with your skin and fully project what this will smell like with your body chemistry. You can’t just spray, sniff and buy. Go to a quality department store after a day at school or work, not right after your shower. First of all, you need to let oil build back up on your skin. Secondly, many men’s colognes have an odor with hints of deodorizing soap and your cologne shouldn’t have to be stronger than your other hygiene products. Spray on a sample, let it set for 15 minutes or so, then sniff to see if it’s the right one for you. Try a different sample on each wrist to compare. 

Choosing a cologne is a very personal choice. You want your cologne to make people happy to be close to you, rather than approaching them with a wall of smell. Take some time and try a few different scents in person to make sure you get the one that works with your body.


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3 Things NOT to Do on Your Guys Night Out

Having a guys night out is a perfect opportunity for revelry among male friends. Countless memories can be formed by going out on the town and enjoying each other’s company. However, you need to make sure that fun and responsibility are able to exist in tandem. For a successful guys night out, you need to not do these three things.

Push the Groom Out of His Comfort Zone

If you’re hosting a bachelor party, you want to honor the groom in the right way. Just because you have a certain idea in mind for what’s fun for a bachelor party doesn’t mean your friend-to-be-wedded agrees. Before you plan a bachelor party, find out what the groom wants to do. Even if it’s not your first choice, you can make their night by giving them a great experience. Work with fellow members of the party to determine how to give them a night where they can feel at absolute ease.

Get Wasted

Some drinks can really liven up a party, but when people start getting seriously inebriated, things can go south. Too much alcohol can lead to people feeling sick, getting aggressive, and being unable to perform simple tasks. It’s also important to keep this in mind if you have a designated driver. Any driver with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater is considered to be a drunk driver in most states. Someone who drinks too much could be a threat to others, as getting drunk can put someone in danger. Make sure that everyone knows their limits before going out, or else all your fun could be ruined.


Going out for a night with friends can make it easy to spend more than you’re prepared to. You might also find yourself feeling influenced by friends who are shelling out money for expensive food and drinks. Additionally, you might start using your credit card, racking up a large debt. While it’s understandable that you’d spend a bit more than average on a guy’s night out, you still need to keep yourself in line. Take out a set amount of cash as an allowance, such as $100, and make a promise to yourself that you won’t exceed it. You might also choose to leave your credit and debit cards at home.

Making rules about what you shouldn’t do on your guys night out doesn’t have to feel like you’re reducing your chances of fun. You can enjoy yourself much more when you’re able to ensure that everyone is comfortable and that no bad behavior is going to be tolerated. Get your solid plan set up for your guy’s night out and look forward to having a very positive time.

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Ring Shopping? How to Get the Best Value for Your Money

The wedding ring you choose to provide for your spouse will no doubt become a lifelong symbol of your love for each other. Therefore, understandably, you would want the best one. However, some of the best wedding rings on the market can cost an astonishing $10,000. Let’s just say that most of us don’t have ten thousand to toss into a ring. This is why we’ve compiled our top three tips to get the best value for your money.

Purchase the Diamond Online

The introduction of big supplier websites has allowed most products to plummet in price. This is due to the elimination of the middleman, such as a brick and mortar store, an elimination that leaves the customer with big savings. It’s not typical or traditional to shop for wedding rings online, but it can be a wise decision. However, there are a lot of people out there attempting to take advantage of people. One should be aware of a few red flags such as the price being too good to be true or the site not providing any references about past customer purchases. Essentially, just make sure to do your due diligence before purchasing anything from an online retailer.

Consider Lab-created Diamonds

One of the most popular growing trends within soon to be married couples is the addition of lab-created diamonds rather than mined ones. Unlike a mined diamond, a lab creation can provide you with your choice of size and look at a cheaper rate. It’s possible to get a lab grown diamond that is 30–40 percent larger than a mined diamond for the same price. Not only are they cheaper, but they can also ease the minds of the more ethically-conscious. Mined diamonds can sometimes be unethically sourced, but lab-created diamonds are grown in ethical conditions.You can get the same look as a mined diamond ring without worrying about the price or the ethicality of the diamond. 

Compromise on One of the Four C’s

The four C’s of wedding ring shopping are Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. More often than not, the price of a ring will fluctuate whether you go up and down those categories. Many experts in the field have noted that these often make no difference to the look of the ring. A great example of this is the need to have a high clarity quality ring. Clarity does not matter if the cut of the ring looks good to the human eye. Focus on the cut, and you will no doubt save a considerable amount on your engagement/wedding ring.

The great thing about today’s market is that you have a plethora of options. Although you also have a plethora of options to be scammed, therefore, we like to repeat that you should always do your research on a ring retailer before committing. Take some of the advice laid out in this article and make the best choice for your situation.

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What to Wear to Any Type of Wedding

With wedding season underway, you may be looking for that just right outfit to wear to your next event. Before you begin piecing together your perfect ensemble, it is important to consider the time of day, venue, season, and formality of the wedding. Here is a simple guide to help you to decide what to wear to any type of wedding:

Outdoor Weddings – Women

An outdoor wedding lends itself to a more casual vibe. This relaxed setting gives you more freedom when choosing what to wear to the celebration. Other than not breaking the cardinal rule of not wearing white, the only major recommendations are to not wear black or sequins to a daylight outdoor wedding. You want your wardrobe to reflect the setting of the ceremony and reception. While a casual jumpsuit may be appropriate for a simple wedding in the park, you will want to dress it up with a nice sundress or sheath if the setting is more formal.

Outdoor Weddings – Men

The wardrobe that a man should pick for an outdoor wedding is dependent on the location. A formal ceremony on the grounds of a resort hotel necessitates a more refined suit while a wedding on a beach allows you to dress more casually. You can discern a lot about the expected dress code by the formality of the invitation. If it is a more formal outdoor wedding, a nice linen suit is appropriate. For a beach wedding, you can get away with khaki pants and a nice collared shirt.

Indoor Weddings – Women

For traditional weddings at a church, longer, more modest dresses are generally recommended. Covering your shoulders is also a commonly expected standard in traditional church weddings. It is also important to avoid overly sexy or revealing clothing. A little black cocktail dress is always appropriate for an indoor wedding, especially if it is held during the evening hours.

Indoor Weddings – Men

Indoor weddings are generally more formal than an outdoor wedding, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to wear a tuxedo. Unless the wedding invite specifies that this is a black tie wedding, your best bet for an indoor wedding is a suit and tie. Just like with women, if the wedding is in the evening, you will be expected to dress more formally than if the ceremony is held during the day.

Every wedding is different, so you want to make sure you know what type of wedding it’s going to be before you decide what you are going to wear. The most important rule to follow is to aim to look stylish without distracting from the happy couple and drawing attention to yourself. Lastly, do not forget to wear your smile!

3 Legal Preparations to Make Before Getting Married

A lot of planning goes into pulling off a wedding. Between sending out the invitations, picking the venue and caterer and lining up the tuxedos and gowns, there are a lot of details to check off that planning list. What sometimes gets lost in all that planning is that a marriage is a legal contract between consenting adults. That status change for a couple can have a ripple effect throughout their lives. That is why it is important to get all the legal matters resolved before the vows are exchanged and the “happily ever after” can begin.

Marriage License

Every state requires a couple to obtain a marriage license in order for that marriage to be deemed legal. The place where marriage licenses are issued varies in each city. It might be a city hall or a municipal courthouse. It is important to check the “expiration” date. Marriage licenses are given in anticipation of a ceremony and they might become invalid if that ceremony isn’t carried out in a specific amount of time. There are also several documents that are required before obtaining the license. Additionally, both parties need to be present at the time of filing for that license. The person who is officiating your wedding ceremony will need to see a copy of the license before the ceremony. The license is also location specific. You might only be able to use a license in the jurisdiction it was issued. That is something to consider for destination weddings.

Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements lay the groundwork for divorce proceedings, and facilitate a more beneficial and amicable resolution for all involved. This is a vital legal contract that can protect the interests of both parties, especially if they are coming into the marriage with significant financial assets. It will set up the equitable distribution of those assets if there is a divorce. The controversy around prenuptial agreements is that it is admitting that there is a chance that the marriage is going to fail. No one sets out getting married thinking that the marriage won’t last. However, being prepared with a prenuptial agreement is like having an insurance policy. You hope you will never need it, but you are glad you have it just in case.

Life Insurance

Getting married doesn’t just change your tax filing status. It also adds to the burden of responsibility for providing for your family. A life insurance policy can set up benefit payments to help your family maintain the standard of living that you’ve provided for them if you aren’t around to do that any longer. There are different kinds of life insurance, depending on your needs and where your family is at. When the family grows with kids, that life insurance policy might also have to grow. The insurance can become your legacy and that makes it a very valuable legal matter to set up.

The sooner you can take care of the legal issues surrounding your pending marriage, the better. Taking care of those things will make your marriage go much smoother and make sure you are both taken care of. File those documents in a safe place and enjoy the wedding.

How Men Can Get the Ring Right the First Time

Shopping for an engagement ring is bound to be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Since you want to make sure your intended is just as thrilled with the ring you choose, here are some tips on how to select the perfect one. 


When it comes to choosing a ring style, it helps if you narrow down your options to avoid becoming overwhelmed. First, determine your budget. It’s traditional to spend around two months’ salary on an engagement ring, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule, especially nowadays.

Next, consider what kind of stone you’re looking for. If you’ve decided on a diamond ring, think about which cut (or shape) would look best on your fiancée’s hand. Familiarize yourself with “the 4 C’s”—cut, color, clarity, and carat—to make sure you buy the highest-quality stone you can afford.

The ring’s setting is just as important as the cut of the stone. Look closely at the type of jewelry your girl usually wears. This will help direct you toward the rings that would fit in naturally with her personal style. 


If you don’t already know your girl’s ring size, it’s time to find out, even if you have to get creative. Messing up the ring’s size can be dangerous if you get it too tight. Besides, once you’ve presented her with the ring, she’s going to want to wear it. It would be disappointing to have to hand it right back to the jeweler to be sized when she should be showing it off to everyone.

The best way to size a ring is to wrap a length of paper around the base of the ring finger and mark the point where it begins to overlap, then measure the length and compare it to a size chart. Alternatively, you can borrow one of her existing rings and perform the same trick. Just be sure to measure the diameter of the interior and not the exterior. 


With engagement rings, it’s important to consider the type of material used in the setting. Since she’ll likely wear the ring every day, durability is as important as aesthetics. Look for a platinum setting if she usually wears silver or white-gold jewelry, or 14 karat yellow gold if that’s more her style. Rose gold is an unusual alternative, but it’s not for everybody (and it’s not hypoallergenic, which could be a concern). Use your judgment.

In short, the more you know about your bride, the easier it will be to choose a ring that will bring her joy for the rest of your lives together.
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3 Tips for a Perfect Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings are becoming increasingly more common. It’s a great way to keep the guest list small. Plus, you’re able to save a lot of money because of not having to spend money on a venue rental. To ensure you have the perfect wedding, there are a few tips to follow.

Setting Up the Venue

Setting up the venue can take a bit of planning. You want to consider the theme of the wedding, such as rustic, garden, or Bohemian. Plenty of backyard wedding ideas are out there, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the planning. You will want decorations for where the ceremony will take place as well as table décor for the reception. Part of the venue setup also needs to include food and beverages. You may want to take a DIY approach or hire a caterer to take care of the details.

Prep Entertainment Carefully

Every wedding should have some kind of entertainment. This could be in the form of a live band, a pianist, or a DJ. It can be hard to move a piano the day of, so you need to plan your ideas carefully. You also want to make sure the neighborhood knows because they’re going to hear some loud music. You don’t want someone to call the cops because they weren’t aware. After all, you don’t want your wedding being shut down simply because you forgot this tiny detail.

The entertainment should also have someplace to set up. This should be in the corner of the yard so that there’s more room for everyone to mill around.

Consider the Weather

The last thing you want is for the wedding to be struck by bad weather. Be sure that you know what the weather forecast is based on when you’re holding the event. You may want to rent a tent to put in the backyard so that everyone is out of the rain if it decides to downpour. Otherwise, have umbrellas on hand for you, the bride, and all of the guests. If bringing the event inside is an option, be sure that the house is ready to accommodate everyone. Some kind of wedding backup plan will ensure that you don’t stress too heavily.

Beautiful backyard weddings happen all of the time. When you take the time to plan, you can be sure that every aspect is just right. It will lead to countless memories for everyone involved.

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How to Make Men’s Dress Shoes More Comfortable

When it comes to men’s dress shoes, the primary focus is on style and appeal, not comfort. Most men have simply come accustomed to the fact that dress shoes will be uncomfortable and assume nothing can be done about it. This article will discuss why men’s dress shoes are uncomfortable, things you can do to make them more comfortable, and some of the most comfortable brands on the market.

Why Are Men’s Dress Shoes So Uncomfortable?

As mentioned above, one of the primary reasons why men’s dress shoes are uncomfortable is because the main focus is on style, not comfort. The shape of men’s dress shoes is also an important factor in their lack of comfort. To achieve a specific style and look, dress shoes have to conform to a shape that is not ideal for comfort. Another important factor that affects the comfort of men’s dress shoes is the materials used to make them. Similar to the shape, certain materials are used to achieve a specific look and feel. In addition, most men’s dress shoes lack removable insoles.

Things You Can Do to Be More Comfortable

Although men’s dress shoes are usually uncomfortable, there are many things you can do to make them more comfortable. The most important factor in comfort is buying the correct size shoe. While this may seem obvious, many men don’t know their true shoe size. It is a good idea to get fitted by a shoe professional before buying your dress shoes. You should also purchase a dress shoe that fits the shape of your foot. Dress shoes typically are available with a pointy, round, or squared-off toe. Another option for increased comfort is to install inserts into your dress shoes. If adding inserts or making other adjustments to the shoe doesn’t make a difference, your problem likely isn’t the shoe — it’s probably your feet. The most common culprits behind foot pain are plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis, so you’ll need to see a professional podiatrist.

Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoe Brands

Below are a few of the most comfortable men’s dress shoes on the market:

  • Johnston Murphy Bradford Cap Toe Derby Shoe – This is a very popular shoe brand that has been around since the mid-1800s. These shoes are the perfect combination of durability, comfort, and elegance.
  • Clarks UnKenneth Way – These shoes are very stylish and were designed with comfort in mind. They feature a cushioned footbed, breathable leather, and a padded leather upper.
  • Vionic Shane Oxford – These shoes were designed by a podiatrist with comfort in mind. They feature a removable leather-wrapped footbed that provides excellent arch support.

In closing, men’s dress shoes are typically uncomfortable primarily because more of an emphasis is put on style and appearance, not comfort. With that said, there are things you can do to improve comfort such as choosing the correct size shoe and installing inserts. You can also purchase brands that are designed with comfort in mind.

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How to Prepare Your Teen for Their Senior Photos

When your teenager gets their senior pictures taken, they’re going to want to look their best. These pictures will go into their senior yearbook and be viewed by everyone in their class. To help your teenager prepare for such a momentous rite of passage, here are four tips that will get them picture perfect.

Skin Care

The teenage years are going to be difficult for your child’s skin. Due to puberty, their hormones are in a constant state of fluctuation. This can cause breakouts of pimples and blackheads on their face. No teenager wants their pimple-marked face to be immortalized in their senior photos. Special skin care products that reduce or eliminate acne and breakouts will help to set your teenager’s anxieties at ease and give them the fresh, clean face they want to see when they open their senior yearbook.

The use of cosmetics is always a great way to hide blemishes, pimples, dark under eyes, scars, moles or any other undesirable facial imperfection your teenager may have on picture day. Cosmetics are very common daily tools for women, but men can also benefit from a clever use of makeup to help hide scars and acne.

A Perfect Smile

If your child has a less-than-perfect smile, it can damage their self-esteem to have their imperfect smile permanently on display in a yearbook. You can help your teenager prepare for senior photographs with a few easy at-home steps. For a crooked smile, you can purchase a do-it-yourself home teeth straightening kit. DIY home teeth straightening kits are a common alternative to braces that your teen might be more in favor of to help prepare their smile for senior pictures. You can also bring home a DIY whitening kit to help make their smile brighter.

Discuss Poses

How your teenager poses for their senior photos can dramatically change the resulting photographs. To achieve an attractive pose, tell your teenager to sit up straight with their shoulders back and their chest out. Keeping their heads held high and their chin up will help to reduce an embarrassing double chin. Being shot from a side angle instead of head-on will also help to play with shadows and light and can hide blemishes or a round face.

How to Dress

Your child will look back at their senior photos for the rest of their lives, so make sure they choose the right outfit and clothing. They may feel like a casual or semi-formal look is appropriate, but why not do something special? Renting a suit or tuxedo is a great look for young men. For young women choosing a ball gown or prom dress can be a great and memorable look they will be proud of for years to come.

How to Make Your Proposal Absolutely Perfect

Finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with is more miraculous than you can imagine. Out of all the people in the world, you found a person who knows your heart and a person whose heart injects the happiness you’ve never felt before. Now, it is time to ask the question, the one that takes a hold of a heart when love is in full bloom.

The only problem is figuring out how to make this moment special, especially in today’s modern times. There is a lot to consider, from keeping the moment a secret to sharing the proposal online, just to mention a few things. Those going nuts attempting to figure out how to make their proposal perfect may want to breathe just a bit, and take the following guide into consideration before popping that big question to the love of your life.

Is the Surprise Proposal Still Important?

It is true that the marriage proposal is changing in a lot of ways; for one, more of them are becoming public spectacles rather than simple affairs between two lovers. Furthermore, these proposals are becoming quite elaborate and are usually filmed with the hope that they will become a viral hit. The elaborate nature of these proposals makes it impossible for them to not be carefully staged. Most of the time, the proposal is planned by the couple instead of just the partner asking the question.

“While there is still a certain romance to this old-fashioned way of proposing, many couples are choosing to shop for the engagement ring together,” says JacobMercari.com. A study reports that 33 percent of couples are doing their best to create the perfect proposal and find the right ring together. It should also be pointed out that around six percent of soon-to-be-wedded individuals who were proposed to wished they would have been more involved in the process. These numbers are radically different from the past where the proposal was supposed to be a complete surprise.

Ethical Buying is Part of the Romance Now

Keeping the person you love in the dark about something this important is definitely changing for all kinds of reasons as you can probably imagine, but there is much more to consider. For example, according to EcoWarriorPrincess.net, “The global diamond trade has a dark side, blood diamonds also referred to as conflict diamonds are associated with several harsh realities; the industry funds civil wars and ongoing violence, exploitation and suffering of workers as well as environmental degradation. These conflict diamonds are being mined in violent and unethical situations and in some cases military and police officials have been linked to the mining companies harvesting these conflict diamonds.” More people are worried about how their engagement ring was made or where it came.The reason this is happening is because some stones are unethically mined through forced labor, which definitely puts a stain on what is supposed to be a symbol of pure love.

The perfect modern-day proposal needs to take this into account. It is one reason the couple has to do their best to find an ethical stone to go into the engagement ring. Tracing diamonds to their origin is not easy, meaning you could be buying a conflict diamond without even knowing it. Search for and ask about conflict-free diamonds, CanadaMarked diamonds, lab created diamonds, or recycled diamonds, which are much more ethical than other options out there. When in doubt, be sure to talk to your jeweler, but make sure the diamond can be traced back to its origin.

Understand That the Proposal is Going to Take Work

You should know that this proposal is going to require some work to get things right. This goes beyond finding the perfect engagement ring, which is pretty difficult on its own since you have to consider not only the stone but the style among other things. Perhaps one of the first steps to take for your proposal is to start saving. The proposal itself may cost you a pretty penny, and you still need money for the wedding and reception.

According to a popular proposal planning firm quoted by PrimerMagazine.com, “Don’t propose without a plan. Many men get the ring in their pocket and they just want to propose immediately, with no plan. A woman would rather wait a few weeks to get the proposal of her dreams then you propose on the front lawn after a nice jog.” It would be a good idea to list all the items and services you are going to need to pull off this proposal before you get started. Those who are planning to do something elaborate that you want captured on camera may need to consider hiring a professional videographer, who can help you set the stage. Recording a video of the proposal can be done with your smartphone, but you risk issues with the video like lighting, focus, and sound. Keep in mind that you get a chance do this right once, so taking every precaution like hiring professional videographers is wise. The videographer may be able to offer other tips that will make this experience truly magical.

Make the Proposal as Personal as You Can

Planning for your expenses is definitely vital, but it is not the only thing you have to think about since you also have to make sure the moment is personal. This part is going to require some planning as well as your ability to capture the magic from your relationship. There are a number of ways that you can do this; for example, you can make sure the proposal happens during the holidays when most family members and friends are close by to participate in this event.

It may also be a good idea to remember where you both shared something special like the first time you met. According to ArtofManliness.com, “Show your lady that you remember and appreciate the little details of your relationship. Taking her to the place where you first met will let her know how grateful you are to have found her.” Also, keep in mind that the spot does not necessarily have to represent something that happened to you two but rather something that is special to your beloved; for example, why not propose in the same place your partner’s parents proposed or something like that? The point is to find ways to show that your relationship with this person matters to you and that you’ve gone out of your way to highlight how much you care about this proposal and your partnership.

Leave Some Room for Improvisation and Chance

You may be thinking of writing out the entire proposal to ensure that everything is perfect, but this is not necessary. Do your best to resist planning out every aspect of the proposal because this moment needs to come from the heart, especially the proposal itself. There is nothing wrong with using a cheat sheet to help you remember what you have in mind, but it is better to stick to what is in your heart.

Now, it is important to speak slowly when proposing so that you give yourself time to pronounce words clearly, and give yourself enough time to consider your thoughts. Part of the reason you want to leave this to chance is because speaking from the heart is personal. It is going to mean more to your beloved. Reading a proposal could make the moment seem less special, which is something you do not want to risk. Keep in mind that speaking from the heart may also make you a little nervous, and it could even make you cry, which are all positive things because the moment is not only genuine but unforgettable for your loved one and all those involved.

Think of Immortalizing More Than Just the Proposal

There is more to this moment than meets the eye, and you should think about capitalizing on that to make the moment even more special. Those who are planning on discussing your intentions with your beloved’s parents should try to record that moment. The reason you want this moment immortalized is to ensure that you can share it with your loved one once you’ve proposed or with your family in the years to come.

Those who have children or are marrying a person with children may want to immortalize or record the moment you shared your intentions. Chances are that you want the children to give you their blessing before you even ask the most important question you are going to ask your other half. A recording of moments like these can help you edit a truly special video of the entire process, which you can end up treasuring for your lives together. It might be a good idea to keep these moments as natural as possible so that you can capture the real reaction from these individuals who mean so much to both of you. You could capture some of these moments using hidden cameras or wearable cameras so that you do not have to make the moments seem awkward or unnatural.

According to BestMadeWeddingVideos.com, “At the end of the day, your proposal should be meaningful and speak to your relationship in some aspect. If that’s hiring a flock of doves, a fireworks show or a marching band to come trumpeting down your street—then go for it! But always remember that sometimes simplicity is the best and most touching proposal to stick to. Just popping down on one knee is enough to make most people swoon, so never underestimate it.” Taking some of these suggestions into consideration should help make this moment more special. There is no one that knows your relationship like you and your beloved. Make sure that you stay true to what you both want because, at the end of the day, you and your partner’s wishes take precedence over everything else. Take your time to prepare for this proposal and your wedding even if you cannot wait to be married because this moment is too precious to rush through.