Military Weddings: The Rules and Etiquette You Should Know













It’s widely known that military weddings are special and different than traditional weddings in many ways. Everyone who has had an opportunity to attend a military wedding certainly wasn’t left indifferent.

If you’re engaged and are planning to marry someone who is a proud member of the Army, then there are definitely some things you should be aware of in advance. First of all, you should know that there is no need to be worried at all. All you have to do is learn how to relax and stay focused and cheerful on your special day.

For everything else, you should just pay your attention to a couple of things worth noting when it comes to a military wedding ceremony. And who wouldn’t want an advice from a full-fledged military wife and mommy?


Organization is Challenging

Almost every bride-to-be dreams that her wedding will be the one to remember and different. Well, the good news is that you will most definitely have a beautiful and uncommon wedding.

What’s the bad news? Well, it’s not like it’s bad news really but you should be aware that planning for a military wedding comes with lots of obstacles and challenges along the way.

And if you already moved in to live with your significant other, then you already got accustomed to him being absent most of the time. Deployments and unpredictability of military life make it practically impossible to save the date in the future when the wedding will take place.

Even if it the date perfectly fits the two of you, odds are that somebody else that was planned to be present on the wedding day won’t make it. People serving in the military 9 times out of 10 are picking their best men from the squad also.

So you’d most certainly need to put lots of effort in the organization of an event. Utilizing the power of social media today can play an integral role in situations like this. You can simply create a landing page that everyone can visit. You will update this landing page regularly with the info on the upcoming ceremony.

Calling and regularly checking on everyone and their availability and whether they are informed on not can be quite exhausting.














Army Insignia

Wearing a military suit is a must for everyone serving the military and being present at the ceremony. That might include quite a few people on your wedding day, including even yourself if you’re serving your country, too.

With that being said, you are about to see lots of military insignias, ribbons, and medals on your wedding. And for all the attendees who are not related to the military, you can even go step ahead and present them with a nice custom-made challenge coin so they don’t feel disadvantaged in any way.

You can refer to Embleholics if you need an impeccable solution for providing unique and beautifully designed coins.

Swords and Sabers

Some military traditions that can make your wedding stand out from other civilian weddings may include:

  • Arch made of drawn swords held by military academy cadets, for the bride and the groom to pass underneath after they deliver their wedding vows.
  • Best man presenting and handing over wedding rings on the drawn blade of his sword.
  • Using the sword to cut the wedding cake, instead of an ordinary knife
  • Patriotic scenography, accompanied by a photo shoot of a just married couple under the flag.
  • And many many more!
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