Planning a Valentine’s Day Wedding in Rochester, NY?

Valentine's Day Wedding in Rochester, NY

Planning a Valentine’s Day wedding in Rochester NY?

Celebrating your marriage on the one holiday devoted to romance provides many opportunities to weave this theme throughout your ceremony, reception and honeymoon.

At Vittorio’s we helped many couples with a Valentine’s Day wedding and have a broad range of accessories (and even whole tuxedos) in various shades of red. If you book your Valentine’s Day wedding with us, we’ll even extend a special $40 savings off each tuxedo rental for every adult member of your wedding party. We’ll also provide a ring bearer tuxedo for just $20 when you reserve the rest of the wedding party with us.

We’re within 20 minutes of just about anywhere in Rochester!


Vittorio Menswear & Tuxedo
1900 East Ridge Road (Near 104/Culver Road Exit)
Rochester, NY 14622
(585) 467-7711

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