Tips to Help Grooms and Groomsmen Look Sharp from Dawn to Dusk

There are a million things you have to worry about during your big day, from acknowledging everyone to making sure the groom or bride actually showed up. How you look should not be one of those worries. Throughout your wedding, you’re going to be shaking hands, pacing nervously and, of course, dancing the night away during your reception. All these things can, no doubt, affect your appearance. Here are some things for the groom and his groomsmen to keep in mind to stay fresh and handsome all day long.


Contrary to popular belief, men actually care very much about how their hair looks like throughout their big day. However, men also tend to treat it as an afterthought. You may want to avoid getting your hair cut right before the wedding. Too “fresh” of a cut can make your hair look unnatural, and you might also end up with a bad haircut. The best way a man can approach their hair for the big day is to find a stylist that is knowledgeable in preparing all sides of your hair, not just the ones you can see through a mirror. One of the ways to avoid constant touch-ups is to style your hair depending on the weather. Keep an eye out for the best styles to keep you looking great, even if the temperatures rise or fall.

Suit and Tie

One of the most common issues men face with their wedding day appearance is a potential inability to keep their suits looking perfectly fitted. Often a quick movement can throw off your whole shirt and jacket. To keep your tie in place, you can use necktie accessories, which can help you continue to look fresh as the day goes on. Other recommendations include suspenders or a vest. If you don’t like to wear them outside your suit, there are plenty that go within the shirt and still do the job. This can also be applied toward your socks. Throughout the wedding and the reception, you’re going to be walking a lot. Therefore, it is important to utilize sock suspenders in order to keep those socks tight and high.


Women aren’t the only people who can use makeup to stay looking great. You want to look your best and avoid excess shine, especially because the day will often be captured by a professional wedding photographer. There are a few key makeup items that can make any man look his best. This is why actors, politicians, and TV newscasters always use makeup before facing the public. For example, you can use a primer on your face. A silicone-based primer is the best choice as it not only protects your face from breaking out, but it’s also extremely tough and will last you throughout most of your day. You can also use concealer or powder to cover blemishes.

You can look great on your wedding day. Not only can it determine the confidence you have during your “I do’s,” but due to the number of photos being taken, your looks will be memorialized for years to come. Keep these tips in mind and begin making sure that you will look your best during your big day.

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