Wedding Prep No One Really Talks About

As you may know, a lot of work goes into a wedding. While your primary focus might be on guest lists, decorations, and invitations, there are other things to consider. Addressing everything that could impact your wedding and marriage can greatly benefit you.

Health Concerns

While planning your wedding, your health might not be on your mind. However, there are certain health checks you should get before getting married. First, you might want to have a physical and check your vitals. Doing so can help you be aware of your general health levels and you can monitor any changes that may come along with stress or eating/drinking at the wedding. Before getting married, you should be tested for STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Some STIs may present without symptoms. You want to avoid spreading anything to your partner. Additionally, STIs can impact fertility and your future children. Speaking of, if you intend to have children it might be helpful to have a fertility test as well. Lastly, you should check for any chronic health issues. Knowing about these can help you and your partner know how to take care of each other.


Getting a Prenup

Divorce is painful and not something you want to consider, but a prenup doesn’t mean you don’t trust your relationship. Many people perceive prenups negatively, but they aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Their primary function is to protect each person financially. However, a prenup also creates a situation where you as a couple can have an honest conversation about finances. This can include a discussion on how to handle debt. A prenup can also protect children from a previous marriage.


Getting a Wedding License

A wedding license is an essential part of getting married. This is the legal document that is signed so you and your spouse are officially married. It is important that you don’t forget about this. Many licenses need to be gotten several days in advance, so make sure this is on your radar. To get a license, you will need personal identification, a witness, information about your parents (their full names, dates of birth), and you might need to pay a fee for your license. It’s also important to get a license for the location you are getting married in.


There’s already a lot on your plate as you plan your wedding, but don’t forget these important things. Your wedding includes more than just the celebration. If you take care of these things, it can help you enter your marriage with more peace of mind.

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