4 Stylish Tricks to Impress Your Prom Date

Attending prom is a rite of passage for most teenagers. You will never forget this special night in your life that signifies the culmination of your high school experience. Here are four tricks that you can use to impress your prom date.

Plan a Promposal

It is becoming more common to plan a special “promposal” to ask that special person to be your date for the night. The promposal does not have to be an elaborate affair. The key is making it personal with special touches that show how much you care. This can be as simple as creating a poster that asks your special person to be your date.

Consider the Corsage

The first thing that you will present your date at the start of the night is a corsage. It is a good idea to ask your date about the color of her dress so that you choose a coordinating corsage. You can choose to go a traditional route with this flower arrangement, or you can go outside of the box and create an alternative option. Presenting the corsage is a great photo opportunity, so be sure to have a camera ready to get some great shots.

Get Creative With Dinner

While most people use the excuse of prom to head to a fancy dinner, you can let your creativity shine by choosing something more unique. If you have nice weather, you might consider packing a romantic picnic to take to the park. Or, choose a restaurant with a fun theme, such as a Japanese hibachi setting. Do not feel like you have to settle for the standard nice dinner out on the town to commemorate the occasion. You should also plan an activity for after the dance to make the evening complete.

Rent a Limo

Arrive in style to the big dance in a limousine. While a stretch limo is the gold standard when it comes to prom transportation, you could consider other car options to impress your friends if a limousine is unavailable. Other ideas to consider include renting a sports car, getting a group of friends together to reserve a party bus or taking a horse and carriage for a truly romantic vibe.

Make your prom night count by going the extra mile to elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary. By employing these four tips, you are sure to create memories with your friends that will last a lifetime.

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